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08 December 2014

Suite Blanco sweater & leopard short, Topshop cut-out boots, Michael Kors Selma bag  

It's rainy season already and I can't stay far away from knitwear! Loving my new white knitted sweater & leopard short from Suite Blanco, which is super cozy for casual day but still keep me warm along these rainy days :)

It feels so good to change my habit into a healthier lifestyle, I feel lighter and so much fresher! My new year resolution is staying healthy with clean eating. If you noticed it on my instagram feed, I do more cooking at home than eating outside. I thought it would be hard at first but not when I found out about Grab Juice, a cold-pressed juice catering that will deliver fresh cold-pressed juice straight to your front door for your detox!

I tried out their healthy 'potions' called Super Juice containing kale, cucumber, pear, pineapple and Bye Bye Acne, containing apple, strawberry and tomato. They don't use added sugar or preservatives whatsoever, but it tastes good... Sneaking veggies to your drink is a good trick to stay healthy and have a good skin. Get rid of those soda and sugary drinks right away and check out these healthy bottles from @GrabJuice on instagram. What's your healthy potions? :)

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Within The Rose
04 December 2014


Loving this top & bottom pair from RAOUL's Spring - Summer 2015 collection. Especially the cowl neckline and balloon structure that makes a unique silhouette! :)

top & bottom by RAOUL, LV bag, Louboutin kitten heels   

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Mazda's Young & Vibrant Designers 2015 Revealed!
01 December 2014

After their fantastic street runway opening in JFW opening in Senayan City last month, Mazda Motor Indonesia re-introduced the three young designers Mazda Young & Vibrant Designers 2015 in the sixth year of their participation in Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. These talented young designers were chosen to present Mazda Young & Vibrant Designers 2015, Hartono Gan, HUNTING / FIELDS and alexa [a] Lexa, because they have a common understanding of the beauty that is inspired by the power of a subcompact car for All New Mazda2. Congrats!

Each designer has a unique style in interpreting the beauty and power of the All-New Mazda2 design. Hartono Gan displayed sporty and practical elements, highlighting the elegant aesthetics. HUNTING / FIELDS brought diversity of style, and physical character of every woman who describes liberty style with shape design and shades of different colors. While Alexa [a] Lexa came with a dynamic and modern design with a strong character but relaxed atmosphere at the same time.

Mazda's participation during the past six years shows the commitment of Mazda as the industry continues to appreciate and support the development of creative Indonesia, especially in the world of fashion. The support of Mazda in the event of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 encourage a fresh new look for the Indonesian designers especially for Mazda Young & Vibrant Designers 2015 to continue to realize their dream of becoming a leader in the fashion industry. :)

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 is one brilliant way to introduce the All New Mazda 2 as it provides more value to the driving experience and emotional values such as driving pleasure, confidence and proud through driving performance with the sensation of "Zoom-Zoom"!

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19 November 2014

I'm digging the cutting of RAOUL's wool trumpet skirt, it gives me pretty silhouette and instant Autumn / Winter feel on my outfit. And I've received so many questions on how tall I am in real life because I look tall in pictures, I am actually only 158 cm tall. BAM! Being a petite girl can't keep me away from wearing maxi skirt and long coat, because, well that's where the secret trick is, people! All your life you got so many people telling you not to wear this and that when you're petite or short. But I never listen to that, because I looove how long coats & maxi skirts can give me illusion of taller and slender body if it's worn right. Don't be afraid to wear something you never tried before. It's just clothes. If it makes you feel good, it makes you look good. You can pair it with any sweaters and turtle-necks, and you're good to go!

shoes by Staccato.

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3 Steps to Perfect Eyebrows - Benefit Brow Bar Workshop!
12 November 2014

Growing up as a girl who loves make-up, I know most of us have all been struggling in the same place; finding out the perfect eyebrows for our face. The perfect eyebrows that will accentuate each of our face shapes. The perfect eyebrows that won't look awkward or making us look angry or confused all the time. Well, it's urban legend no more! Luckily, I was invited to attend & learn how to have the perfect eyebrows, straight from the eyebrow expert & Benefit spokeperson, Jared Bailey from USA. The class was so exciting!

Arrived at the workshop venue, greeted by Benefit's cute signature retro interior. I admitted, I just knew that back then in early seventies at the very beginning of Benefit, the founders (twin sisters Jean and Jane) made an eyebrow booth for charity. That made Benefit the first cosmetic brand that is specialised and experienced in eyebrows. Super cool! 

Another thing I can't help not to love about Benefit is they care a lot for details, they make sure everything is always so irresistibly pretty & vintage. :D

Jared Bailey, the eyebrow expert is here to explain why brows are so important to our whole make-up look. And he also introduced us to Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Bar service. What is Brow Bar? 

Brow Bar is a service provided by Benefit to map, wax and shape your eyebrows. The trained brow experts will give you the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Brow Bar service is available at Benefit Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan & Pondok Indah Mall if you're living in JakartaI'm honestly surprised to know this service is also available at their store here in Indonesia for a super affordable price!

The workshop started! Jared Bailey told us how to map eyebrows with 3 steps using brow zing, which is to know where your eyebrows should start, arch and end.

The next step is Wince-Free Waxing Techniques. It's one of Benefit's most favourite service to provide no pain and neater eyebrow waxing. After waxing, your eyebrows will be styled so you'll be good to go when you're leaving the store looking fabulous! Waxed eyebrows usually lasts until 2 weeks or longer, so your perfect pair of eyebrows will stay neat for a pretty long time, Yay!

So the next time you want to go to parties, or you just want to look neat and flawless daily, you can simply drop by to Benefit's Brow Bar at their store for a quick eyebrow fix that last a long time! ;)

with Jared Bailey, thank you for coming to Jakarta to share your tips! :)

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02 November 2014

Outfit for the hectic weekend, special thanks to my fiancé for driving & accompanying me here and there for blogging events and fashion week beyond Jakarta's traffic madness, for taking outfit pics for the blog. We looked for the place to get married *yay!*, and we finally found it *double yay!* It's gonna be on 4th of July next year, so save the date guys, hopefully things go well & easy until the D-day. :) 

Everything happened this week makes me feel so blessed, especially when Audrio took me street food hunting on Saturday night after a tiring day... Well, there is no love sincerer than the love of foods. What's better to wear on weekend than a denim dress with leather top? Two of my favourite fabric combined. And don't forget, cut-out boots!

 Zara dress, LV Speedy bag, Topshop cut-out boots

RIOTOUS cuff by Aeroculata

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Jakarta Fashion Week Day 1: Young and Vibrant Mazda Fashion Street!
01 November 2014

The busy big roads. Cars & hustling walkers. Hectic landscape with tens of skyscrapers and beautiful city lights at night, truly describes the fast-paced city life in the heart of Jakarta. However, Mazda has completely outdone the opening of the first day Jakarta Fashion Week last night, by overcoming the impossible at the launch of their all-new & fashionable Mazda 2 SkyActiv: walking through the busy traffic of Jakarta, in style

The zebra cross itself is pretty 'famous' for fashion people because it connects two of the most favourite shopping malls, Plaza Senayan & Senayan City. (I'm sure most of us girls that live in Jakarta might have crossed here one or two times with big shopping bags in our hands feeling like Carrie Bradshaw. And you might also have imagined if the fashion week could've been held there. And finally it is!) I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but it perfectly combine two things that are very attached to Jakartan's lifestyle, which is Fashion and Automotive. 

Mazda is collaborating with local fashion designers such as Alex[a]Lexa, Hartono Gan, and Hunting Fields, presenting Young and Vibrant ready to wear fashion show. By reading the title it reminds me of the young & vibrant Mazda 2 SkyActiv. New and fashionable, designed for young and vibrant people to suit their stylish city lifestyle.

candid snapshot of me taken by the lovely Pupu Paula.

Important note! Mazda is holding a photo contest at Jakarta Fashion Week from 1st - 7th November 2014, you'll only have to take your best outfit snaps with The All New Mazda2 at their installation, upload it to your Instagram & Twitter mentioning @MazdaMotorID and win a chance to get prizes up to 10 millions per day! :)

Trying out the new Mazda 2 at their installation in front of Senayan City

For photo contest examples, you can check out my instagram or better, @MazdaMotorID instagram and their website www.zoomzoomlane.com for more info, good luck! :)

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27 October 2014

Aside from the fact that I'm not a huge high heels lover, I always looove how Jeffrey Campbell heels are always wearable and comfortable, no matter how high they are. So here's undoubtedly my highest heels EVER, I got from ROCOCO Plaza Senayan. They have a wide selection of pretty & edgy shoe brands that I love, from Jeffrey Campbell, L.A.M.B, See by Chloe to Manolo Blahnik! So if you're looking for shoes just go to Rococo at your nearest mall or shop online here, it's definitely a perfect one stop shopping for your pretty feet. :)


RIOTS BARBIE sunglasses / Coach handbag / ROCOCO Jeffrey Campbell heels / Hellolilo maroon legging / H&M bralette

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