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Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone
24 April 2014

DROPDEAD Heartbreak tank, GAP washed denim pants, vintage denim jacket, Topshop heels 

So today I found out my own song 'Dalam Sepi' played in one of the national radio station. For the very first time! And that felt awesome. I feel proud, excited and anxious at the same time, since it was my first song that I wrote when I was in junior high and I was so shy that I never played it in front of anyone except my mom and dad (and it was because they insisted). I also almost never performing my own song, singing and playing guitar in front of the crowds... All I did usually was alone in my room with a camera. This is a new exciting thing to me, and your supports and feedbacks means a lot to me. My official music video is coming up tomorrow, I'm gonna upload it on my blog too, so stay tuned! :)

What I love about GAP's collection is their simplicity and how they can always create an effortlessly chic look with each of their pieces. This denim pants I'm wearing gives me a 'light' effect but with a grungy feels in it.

Dropdead heartbreak knitted tank top. Always love their collection.

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DALAM SEPI - Official Music Video!
16 April 2014

written by Sonia Eryka
Directed by Virlanwana Langgong
Produced by Alfarecords
Fully supported by Singapore Tourism Board (Singasik)

Special Thanks to:
Wangz Hotel
The Editor's Market

Huge thanks for watching, subscribing, and all the supports, people! You can now request it on your local radio stations to listen to my music anytime! :)

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DALAM SEPI - Behind The Scene

My first single music video 'Dalam Sepi' will be published today at 7 PM on this blog. Meanwhile, check out this Behind The Scene video I made! :)

Special thanks to Dr. Martens, Paulina KatarinaThe Editor's Market for supporting what I wore in the music video! Behind the scene video was taken at Wangz Hotel Singapore, (the hotel where I and the whole crew stayed during shooting) which was super duper comfy! A recommendation for all of you who are still looking for a nice hotel for your trip. The whole video shooting process was fully supported by Singasik (Singapore Tourism Board). Go follow @Singasik on twitter for tourism info and cool hangout places you might haven't discover yet! :)

My mom helped me sew the red dress I designed special for the video (kudos to awesome mom!), and also sponsored by my favorite Singapore local designer brands, THE EDITOR'S MARKET. Not only they're sponsoring for the video, they're also giving away the Plaid Jacket I'm wearing on the video for YOU! How to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow @theeditorsmarket on instagram
2. Regram this pic above and tag @SoniaEryka@theeditorsmarket, with hashtag #theeditorsmarket #giveaway #DalamSepi
3. One lucky winner will be announce next week. Quick, quick! :)

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JAPAN - A Traveling Journal
02 April 2014

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I Met Him on A Sunday.
25 March 2014

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Only in Singapore - Fine Dining Experience
24 March 2014

So yesterday me and Audrio were invited by Singasik to experience the 'secret' Singapore fine dining. Singapore is where we always headed when we feel like we need a weekend getaway or a quick refreshing, maybe because it's only 1 hour and 30 minutes travel time from Jakarta to Singapore so it has totally become our favorite 'next-door country' entertainment. 

And usually the first thing (and second, third, and basically the thing we think about all the time) about Singapore is shopping, that we often forgot to explore Singapore culinary scenes. My tongue adapts incredibly well to any kinds of foods, and the most familiar foods I know is a list of super yummy multi-cultural street foods from Singaporean, Chinese, Malay to Indian foods... Chicken rice, chilli crab, biryani rice, martabak, lamb curry, YUM.

But did you know, Singapore also has a lot of cool cafes with unique concepts, and award-winning fine dining restaurants? Meet Chef Ryan Clift and team from Tippling Club, Dempsey Hill Singapore top restaurant and also listed as one of 20 Best Asian Restaurants:

They were in charge of all the astonishing dishes we enjoyed last night.

There were total 3 top celebrity chefs including Janice Wong, Singapore-based dessert expert, and Zachary De Git, mixologist and world class bartender. I feel so honoured to have the chance of meeting these talented chefs and experiencing their fine dishes creations!

Just as the name of the event, Secret Dining, we were invited to this secret place that required password to get in. Thrilling! This reminds me of one restaurant in Singapore called 'The Library', which seems like an ordinary library until you give them the password. That's just creative and new to me! The unique menu offered by Chef Ryan Clift is also modern and experimental, it's not just a regular fine dining, but it's a fun and playful gastronomic adventure. We couldn't guess what in our plate was before we tasted it.

Baccaloa, Parsley Root, Garlic Soup with Sea Rosemary.

Snow Crab, Celeriac and Vinegar.

Foie Gras, Cognac infused cherries, spiced wine and brioche.

  Art of Chocolate installation by Chef Janice Wong. If you're wondering, yes, they are all edible. You can try Chef Janice's creations at 2am:dessertbar, Holland Village Singapore.

Candy on the table!

The white balls are actually edible bowls made of white chocolate. 

So now you know where to go for fun culinary experience in Singapore! Need another recommendations? My other favorite thing about Singapore is they're really neat and informative for visitors and tourists, browse here for upcoming events in Singapore from music, culinary, entertainment and attractions, you can also book tickets and flight directly from there. It's a really helpful website to help you plan your vacation itinerary. More about upcoming culinary festival in Singapore, visit World Gourmet Summit 2014 held from 25 March - 5 April 2014. I definitely can't wait to go back to Singapore soon and visit those restaurants for real! :)

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21 March 2014


DIY ribbon headpiece, Riots Barbie pink Jackie sunglasses, Topshop vintage cardigan, WEGO Japan skirt.

Hey guys! so sorry for the delayed posts after my Tokyo vacation, I was in the hectic phase of renovating and moving in to my new place for these whole 2 weeks. But it's such a huge relief... It's like a new milestone in my life where I finally get to live alone after saving up for the past few years. Decorating the 'nest' is one of the most fun part of moving in, it's tiring but I'm enjoying every minute of it. :)

Spotlight collared crop shirt, ROCOCO Jeffrey Campbell heels.

I always have a thing for white collared shirt, in fact, most of my white shirts have collars (I just realised this when I was rearranging my closet), and these pretty pair of gold Jeffrey Campbell, I got it from ROCOCO Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Go visit their store and find fabulous designers shoes and bags!

Hello pretty. 

Room tour coming soon on my blog! :)

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JAPAN - Last Days.

Our last day selfie frenzy around beautiful Tokyo, taken with Pentax Q10.


me and Blythe!

One of the Harajuku cool kids we spotted with STYYLI!

The busy Shibuya crossing.


Trying out Japanese draft beer in a bar next to our hotel. And it tasted awesome.

My super useful traveling pocket camera, Pentax Q10. Thank God I have enough battery for 4 days when I lost my baggage because I literally abuse it for taking pictures and recording our videos. I bought 3 interchangeable lenses (fisheye, standard lens and 50mm fixed lens) which were really useful during my trip! :)

We really enjoyed our unplanned & unpredictable trip to Tokyo. The people, the foods, shopping places, the ambience, everything is kind and lovely here and we can't wait to go back here again anytime soon! And I found out some of my readers are living in Japan, I wish we can plan to visit another cities outside Tokyo when we come back, meet-up and exchanging shopping spots sounds like a good idea :) About Pentax Q10: for every purchase of Pentax in all official dealers in Indonesia, get MAP voucher worth IDR 1.000.000,-, valid until this March!

PS. I just heard an awful explosion happened in Shibuya station, I really wish no one was injured. :(

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